Frequently Asked Questions

Who can Snorkel?

Anyone who is confident in the water, has basic swimming skills, knows how to float and does not fear the water can snorkel. We provide Floating Belts that provide assistance if you are not a great swimmer. Our crew can provide the basic instructions of snorkeling if you are a first timer. Our vessels are equipped with a custom swim ladder (catamaran) on the front of the vessel or a swim platform (motor vessel) for easy access in and out of the water. Our first beach stop usually is great to practice snorkeling because the water is at standing depth and you can explore a small section of the reef without leaving the comfort of standing depth. If you don’t feel confident venturing off away from the boat there will be a line provided at the stairs or swim platform to hold on and view the natural aquarium without leaving the safety of the boat or you can stay aboard with the captain where you can see and feed the fish without having to get wet.

Where do the tours go?

Sailing Catamaran ‘Get Away’ We visit uninhabited islands and cays and embark upon a relaxing sail through the protected waters of the Fajardo sound on the eastern coast of Puerto Rico. If we’re lucky we will sight sea turtles and dolphins which frolic alongside as they escort us to the uninhabited islands of Icacos, Cayo Lobos, or Palominitos with their pristine beaches and calm, clear waters. Motor Vessel ‘On the Way’ After a little bit over a one hour cruise we arrive at one of Culebra’s beautiful coral reefs for our snorkeling session. Depending on sea conditions, your captain may choose any one of the following stunning snorkeling coral reefs: Luis Peña, Carlos Rosario, Melones or Punta Soldado. Then, weather permitting we head up Culebra’s west coast to the world famous Flamenco beach. Occasionally due to sea conditions and for your safety, your captain may choose an alternative beach landing on “Culebrita” Cay at “Playa Tortuga” or another beautiful beach that’s best to enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

What to bring along?

The most important thing to bring is a great attitude and a fun spirit. We also highly recommend beach towels, sunglasses, camera to capture the fun, and any snacks you may want onboard. We recommend that you wear a bathing suit under light clothing and bring dry clothes for the ride home. We also provide all Snorkeling equipment including Mask, Snorkel, Fins and flotation devices. (all gear is cleaned and sterilized before every trip )

We would like remind our guests that these environmentally-sensitive areas, while protected, are still exposed to many threats. In an effort to conserve and protect them we encourage you to use long sleeve performance shirts or “rash guards” as well as ball caps or hats for sun protection rather than sunblock. Read why here.

What are the medical requirements?

You should know how to swim and must inform us if you have any allergies, back or heart problems, and if anybody in the group is pregnant upon making the reservation. We have first aid equipment onboard and all our crew members are trained in first aid and CPR. But if evacuation is necessary it can take 45-60 minutes to get a rescue boat back to mainland.

Our Motor Vessel Trips travel at higher speeds in open waters and are not appropriate for pregnant women, those with recent surgeries, back injuries and children under 6 yrs of age.

Are there age restrictions for passengers onboard?

No there is no age limit for the Icacos Getaway Excursion. It’s fun for the whole family! However, keep in mind that children need to be supervised by parent or guardian at ALL times. Also because we are a smaller vessel our boat requires seniors to be mobile and in good physical condition to navigate onboard. Don’t forget to inform us if you have any back or heart problems upon making the reservation.

Please also note: Our Motor Vessel Trips travel at higher speeds in open water and are not appropriate for pregnant women, those with recent surgeries, back injuries and children under 6 yrs of age.

What method of payment do you accept?


All credit cards, cash, and Diners Club.

We want your excursion to be unique to you and we also know price is important!
You can book and pre pay your excursion online at any time, or call and reserve directly through our office to receive our CASH discount when you settle your total balance upon arrival at check in on your day of your reserved excursion.
Note: Valid credit card info is required to make reservations.
There is a $3.00p/p (CASH ONLY) fee for DRNA Natural Reserve Park Access to be paid upon check in. All fees are subject to a 11.50% State Tax.
A gratuity for the captain and crew is always a nice gesture for a job well done!

Office Hours

7:00 AM to 9:00 PM

What are your cancellation and no show policies?

14 days prior to date of trip there will be No penalty:

13 days or less to date of trip 50% fee:

No show or late arrival for the time adventure is scheduled to begin; the boat will leave without you and there will be a 100% charge for the amount reserved at Full Adult Price.  The fee is NOT refundable and NOT reusable, unless (and only if) we have space available to reschedule on a future date.  Reschedule must be made on the day of original trip, based on availability and a rescheduling fee of 50% of prior reservation will be applied.

We reserve the right to cancel a public sail if a minimum number of reservations are not received. Customers will be given a full refund in case of operator cancellation due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

All marine activities are subject to water conditions. Please call a day prior for an update on cancellations or change of destination due to water conditions as per the captain’s discretion. These decisions can be announced at check-in.

Cancellation due to weather or sea conditions

If we cancel a tour due to weather or sea conditions, you will not be charged. You will have the option to reschedule for the next available space.  Our captains will make the final decision as to weather conditions.  Remember a few passing rain showers are normal in the tropics and rain is more likely in the center of the Island, and to the west.  We monitor weather reports constantly, and especially the conditions on the east coast. Fajardo weather can differ greatly than San Juan or where you are located. Please don’t make the mistake of deciding not to come if it’s raining where you are, as you will be charged if the trip goes out.  If you have any questions about the weather conditions, please call us to be sure.

Safety First!

Or vessels operate with a US Coast Guard licensed captain and crew that are trained in CPR and First Aid.  The boats are outfitted and certified annually by US Coast Guard inspectors for the safety of our guests. We have the latest safety equipment including US Coast Guard Type 1 emergency life vests for all passengers, Lifebuoys, First Aid Kits, Fire Extinguishers, Flares, VHF radio, EPIRB. You will also find a Small but private marine head (toilet) onboard, ample seating from shaded to open deck space and plenty of dry storage area for your bags, towels and personal items.

Is Transportation available?

Transportation is available to and from all mayor hotels and guesthouses in the San Juan metropolitan area and North Eastern towns of Puerto Rico including Rio Grande, Luquillo and Fajardo. If needed, please request transportation upon booking your boat adventure reservation. Confirmed guests will receive an estimated pick up time. More precise pick up times are announced by telephone the evening before your tour.


We are not able to provide transportation for bookings made within 16 hours of start time.

  • For the Beach & Snorkeling Tour and Culebra Island Tour, we offer a Shuttle service for $30.00 P/P + tax (requires a minimum of 6 passengers).
  • For Private Charters, 3 in 1 Getaway and Sunset Getaway, we can provide Private Transportation for:
    • 1-6 passengers = $160. + tax
    • 1-13 passengers = $175. + tax
    • 1-23 passengers = $275. + tax
    • 1-26 passengers = $325. + tax

All prices are round-trip.

If self-transporting, please arrive 1 hour prior to start time.
**Check in procedure will close 15 min prior to scheduled departure, once check in procedure is closed all passengers who have not arrived will placed as No Shows.**
DO NOT BE LATE all scheduled adventure will depart on time.

Boat departure times?

OUR TOURS Culebra Island Tour: (9:00 am sharp-3:30 pm) Beach & Snorkel Tour: (10am sharp-3pm) 3 in 1 Getaway Tour: (Fall & Winter 4pm sharp –7pm), (Spring & Summer 4:30pm sharp–7:30pm) Sunset Getaway Tour: (Fall & Winter 5pm sharp –7pm), (Spring & Summer 5:30pm sharp– 7:30pm).

Departure location?

Motor Vessel ‘On The Way’: Dock M-20 Getaway Catamaran: Dock M-21, Villa Marina Yacht Harbor, Fajardo, Puerto Rico

PDF Brochures

A gratuity for the captain and crew is always a nice gesture for a job well done!

For parties of 10 or more adults a 10% gratuity will be added at time of check in

Private Charters

For Private Charters, 3 in 1 Getaway tour, and Sunset Cruises we can provide Private Transportation can be arranged:

  • 1 – 6 passengers = $160.00 + Tax
  • 7 – 13 passengers = $175.00 + Tax
  • 14 – 23 passengers = $275.00 + Tax
  • 24 – 26 passengers = $325.00 + Tax
Environmental & Social Responsibility

Our business depends on a healthy environment to be successful. Our highest priority is the care and preservation of the reefs we explore and the beaches we visit.

The sea life, flora and fauna that we encounter in our excursions are shared with our guests in an ethical, respectful manner – we strive to leave every beach, reef and trail that we explore, cleaner than when we found it.